EASTER came early

Picked these up when I popped by St Michaels today! I’ve always loved their packaging and Easter chocolates, and these were what I got this year. The bunnies are sooooo cute! There’s the Honeycomb Crunch Bunny and Bubbly Chocolate Bunny~! Can’t believe Easter is here again! And yes, that ducky there is edible, milk-chocolate-edible. #whocanresistbunniesandchocolates […]

Adele Cover by TheStrangerSings

  I just had to share this.   I’ve been following his videos for a while and I always knew Robert had a great voice and could sing, but this was the first time I got to hear him sing. And it was definitely worth the wait! I’ve heard other covers of this song before […]

Collective Topshop haul

Indeed. I am a TOPSHOP whore. ♪(´ε` ) Happens they were having a sale promo during some of the trips I made there. Several items here were on sale, especially the accessories, hence I got ’em at a steal! #whatasteal Note The colors seen here may vary, as most of my images here were taken […]