The brothers reunite on SUPERNATURAL Season 6

OH, SWEET NECTAR~! Season 6 is out on DVD! This has been a long but worthwhile wait! Season 5 brought us through to the Apocalypse and the sacrifices they made in order to stop it, and eventually “changed the script”. But they lost Sam in the process, who descended into Hell together with Lucifer and […]

Before you know it …

    …… it’ll be over.   Is something I’ve been saying lately. It may sound a little solemn, but it’s more along the lines of, “Is there something coming up ahead that you’re dreading about? Not anticipating or looking forward to? Something that’s gonna make you feel like dragging your feet and prolly just […]

Coleto Collection : Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens

Gone pen crazy again. Spotted these at the stationery section recently and was attracted to the designs. The pen casings come in several designs and colors but I got the pink and purple ones. Each pen casing is able to contain up to 5 ink refills (or cartridge components) and they come in a range […]

ANTHONY talks about his new album!

Video belongs to iradiofm96 on YouTube. Anthony’s Mandarin is so fluent now! Impressed! 😉 During this radio interview on FM96, Anthony talks about the process and release of his new album, WAKE UP! This album is more rock-infused and is tightly focused on Anthony’s vision and concept of what he wishes to express to his […]

Runway Beat

I blogged about this and the trailer before but I finally got hold of the DVD and completed watching the full movie. And I LIKE it! The plot for one, the cast and for the fashion theme. AND, the movie also has some great inspiring messages! 😉 The plot The movie adapted from the popular […]

DIY : Graphic booklet layout

A booklet layout that I just completed. Was recently asked to do some illustration for a story in a book format, but came up with this graphic layout instead. Here’s what the finished product looks like. Wanted a glossy finish for the black lines as using a matt finish would seem pretty flat and tacky […]

DAY OUT // VICIOUS Studded Ballet Pumps

Day out with my favorite nude VICIOUS studded ballet pumps from Topshop! They’re so comfortable and soft! And they also come in black, white, light pink and pink! You can wear them anywhere! On days where you’re feeling casual but still wanna look a little dressy, or a day out about town where you’re gonna […]

2NE1 New Single [I LOVE YOU] MV Teaser!

Video belongs to 2NE1 on YouTube. AHHHHH!! AAAAHHHH!!! New 2NE1 single coming soon! Here’s the MV teaser! Dara and Bom are sporting pink hair! Can’t wait for the release of the full MV for the single! *anticipating & eggcited* And here’s a short clip of CL. Video belongs to 2NE1 on YouTube. My favorite, I […]


Suri Chiffon Cardi in Blue & Miya Bucket Bag (Chiffon Cardi also comes in color Black) Larissa Floral Bustier & Betty Flare Skirt in Blue Leah Romper Jazmin Floral Skirt in Black & Savannah Clutch (Jazmin Floral Skirt also comes in color Creme) Images belong to Eggciting news! Recently just assisted FROCKETTES.COM with their outdoor photo […]