Na-neun hangug-eul sarang-haeyo

Video belongs to tricot05 on YouTube. One of my favorite Korean dramas! I love this show, even though it’s been shown some time back, but the scenes are so moving and so is their acting. I cried throughout the drama. It was THAT touching! This song brings back memories. ^_^ I’m not sure if it’s […]

Hell yeah, it’s TYPO!

Rock your space with TYPO! Products owl bunting birthday bunting 2013 a5 buffalo diary dtp in black a5 buffalo journal creme my pen purple ¬†creme my pen pink creme my pen frankie blue creme my pen ivory thin notebook girl get crafty papers large Visited their 313@Somerset outlet the other day and browsed their new […]

Ben & Jerry’s at Dempsey!

Birthday, cake & ice-cream @ Ben & Jerry’s! 100th post! Officially 29. Feels so surreal. Went to Dempsey’s for Ben & Jerry’s on Wednesday for ice-cream and it’s one of my favorite spots. One, for the ambience mainly, it’s warm and cosy, and two, for their ice-cream! With those two added together, you have the […]

YELLOWCARD Live in Singapore!

On the corner of Cherry Street! YELLOWCARD LIVE IN SINGAPORE HARD ROCK COLISEUM RESORTS WORLD SENTOSA 15th September 2012 2000-2300HRS We’re looking up at the same night sky… and keep pretending the sun will not rise … OH, you DO NOT know how LONG I have waited for this day! I’ve been anticipating for them […]

Pho bo at IndoChine

Meet Phil and Stark, resident fishes Keep Calm And Have An Ice Cream   Here’s the pho that I mentioned earlier on. S.E.D.A.P!   It’s a quaint and serene spot situated around the corner of the Asian Civilization museum. We needed a quick bite before the Being Happy talk and found this perfect place which […]


Your Happiness Matters Being Happy : The Happiness Seminar 15th September 2012 Saturday, 1430-1730hrs Blue Room, The Arts House Singapore Today’s the day! Pictures from the Being Happy seminar held on Saturday, 15th September 2012 at the Blue Room, The Arts House. It was a pretty crazy day with a few events that were lined […]

TOPSHOP AW12 Breakfast Party

Got these : Bull Dog Shopper / Gold Spike Necklace /¬†Shard on Chain Necklace The AW Scarf with tote bag Entering FALL / AW12! TOPSHOP AW12 BREAKFAST PARTY 08 SEPTEMBER 2012 1000-1200HRS KNIGHTSBRIDGE, SINGAPORE Fall is here! And so is the new AW12 collection at Topshop! It was a delightful morning at the Knightsbridge outlet […]