Na na na na NAaaaaa…!!

It’s here! ! They’re here! ! 😀 Check out the stage, lights and people in da house! … FANTASTIC BABY! BIG BANG ALIVE CONCERT IN SINGAPORE! 28 SEPTEMBER 2012 1900-2200HRS SINGAPORE INDOOR STADIUM BOOMSHAKALAKA! “High, high, I’m so high~ High, high, up in the sky~~!” Electrifying performance! They were in town over the weekend for […]

Na-neun hangug-eul sarang-haeyo

Video belongs to tricot05 on YouTube. One of my favorite Korean dramas! I love this show, even though it’s been shown some time back, but the scenes are so moving and so is their acting. I cried throughout the drama. It was THAT touching! This song brings back memories. ^_^ I’m not sure if it’s […]

2NE1 New Single [I LOVE YOU] MV Teaser!

Video belongs to 2NE1 on YouTube. AHHHHH!! AAAAHHHH!!! New 2NE1 single coming soon! Here’s the MV teaser! Dara and Bom are sporting pink hair! Can’t wait for the release of the full MV for the single! *anticipating & eggcited* And here’s a short clip of CL. Video belongs to 2NE1 on YouTube. My favorite, I […]

Jay Park NEW BREED Showcase

JAY PARK NEW BREED 2012 Sooooo, Jay Park was in town over the weekend for his NEW BREED showcase, autograph session and special guest appearance at the Star Awards. AUTOGRAPH SESSION on 28 APRIL 2012 First up, was his autograph session held at IMM Shopping Mall on 28 April 2012, from 730pm – 9pm. Packages […]

허각 (HuH Gak) hello

What I’ve been listening to lately. Heard this song on this year’s MNET Awards and I had to check it out. Finally found it on YouTube! Huh Gak also won the the Best Newcomer Award for males. Love how he delivered the song here. Beautiful. (^-^) Here’s the second part to the story. Info about […]