The Soul of Bread DVD! ; Movie marathon! The DVD comes with a set of bookmarks of Anthony and Michelle, which you can see in the picture above. The pink is so me. *grins* So, I’ve watched the movie and I have to say, it was HILARIOUS! Their humor really set me off laughing throughout […]

ANTHONY talks about his new album!

Video belongs to iradiofm96 on YouTube. Anthony’s Mandarin is so fluent now! Impressed! 😉 During this radio interview on FM96, Anthony talks about the process and release of his new album, WAKE UP! This album is more rock-infused and is tightly focused on Anthony’s vision and concept of what he wishes to express to his […]

It’s Anthony’s birthday! :)

夢裡來過 Déjà vu Video belongs to HIMService on YouTube. 笑容 熨燙過 我飄洋過海的惶恐和孤單的落寞 像重逢 滿是感動 我們見第一面就有太多故事搶著說 在夢裡來過這條老胡同 這杯茶像暗藏線索 花香帶領我 回到記憶最盡頭 妳踮著腳尖盼在門後 我來過 Woh~ 我來過 Woh~ 交流 讓心震動 一個表情或動作彼此就都懂 有溫柔 在眼中降落 我們不能不信有種牽連會跨越時空 在夢裡見過一樣的楊柳 傷心人為道別淚流 是愛帶領我 回到遺憾的路口 找千年以前掉的承諾 我來過 Woh~ 我來過 Woh~ 我來過 Woh~ 我來過 Woh~ 我來過 Woh~ 我來過 Woh~ 我來過 我來過 我來過 我來過 Woh~ 妳懂 Lyrics from HIMservice. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANTHONY!! 🙂

Anthony Neely 倪安東 [WAKE UP] new album

I guess I was trying to attempt a flipbook effect. (>_<) ANTHONY has a NEW ALBUM out! This is his second album [WAKE UP]. I love 'A River Named Desire'! The lyrics are really meaningful. It goes like this : 距离不一定是分离 转身不一定是逃避 放手不一定是放弃 而我不一定是我自己 微笑觉得就是想你 心跳觉得就是回忆 眼泪觉得就是你离开了 幸福觉得是拥抱着你 我对你的想念是一条河 在我的心里面紧紧的熊勇着 那些美好过黄 彭流到我眼眶 谢谢你沉给我那一段难忘的时光 我对你的想念是一条河 在我的心里面倔强的泛滥着 […]