J.W.Anderson x TOPSHOP Collection launch party!

J.W. Anderson has launched! J.W. Anderson X Topshop Collection Launch Party! 29 September 2012 1930-0000HRS ARTSPACE @ HELUTRANS, SINGAPORE Was super shocked and thrilled to receive the invite to the launch! Like holy-crap-no-shizz-fo-real?! excited! I was stoked! An event not to be missed! The event was held at the Artspace@Helutrans. Upon reaching the venue, there […]

Ben & Jerry’s at Dempsey!

Birthday, cake & ice-cream @ Ben & Jerry’s! 100th post! Officially 29. Feels so surreal. Went to Dempsey’s for Ben & Jerry’s on Wednesday for ice-cream and it’s one of my favorite spots. One, for the ambience mainly, it’s warm and cosy, and two, for their ice-cream! With those two added together, you have the […]


Video belongs to showluo on YouTube. 『再一次心跳』 A new collaboration by 羅志祥 (Show Lo) and 楊丞琳 (Rainie Yang), since their previous drama 海派甜心 (Hi My Sweetheart) in 2010. In this short film, they traveled to Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania for filming. It’s a love story of how two strangers meet during their trip to Australia, […]

DAY OUT // VICIOUS Studded Ballet Pumps

Day out with my favorite nude VICIOUS studded ballet pumps from Topshop! They’re so comfortable and soft! And they also come in black, white, light pink and pink! You can wear them anywhere! On days where you’re feeling casual but still wanna look a little dressy, or a day out about town where you’re gonna […]

Collective Topshop haul

Indeed. I am a TOPSHOP whore. ♪(´ε` ) Happens they were having a sale promo during some of the trips I made there. Several items here were on sale, especially the accessories, hence I got ’em at a steal! #whatasteal Note The colors seen here may vary, as most of my images here were taken […]