Little drops in Singapore

B-DIFF, the tote bag maker Here is a lovely tote bag by b-diff, from The Esplanade Shop. I was browsing around the store and this design caught my attention. They design and create wonderful and creative reusable eco-friendly tote bags that aims to bring a unique and fresh experience. And believe in saving the environment […]


Pastel Colors! Testing out some Sharpies I got recently in these pretty pastel shades. Lovin’ it! Went a lil mad crazy with the colors on the patchwork but it was fun to just go with the flow and let your imagination run free. 😉

UNI-ball Jetstream pens

Barrel of colors! Testing out these Uni-ball Jetstream Color Series Ballpoint pens in 0.7mm from Kinokuniya and decided to do a color test with the image above. As you can see, the colors are pretty vibrant and close to the actual postcard illustration image. The inks are also very pigmented and smooth. It is considerably […]

Happy Birthday, okasan!

Happy Birthday, okasan! Tanjobi Omedeto! Here’s another DIY project that I just completed, well, this morning. The initial plan was to make a box photo frame which I fitted a photograph of that flower within, but then decided to include this portrait instead, which I made for my mom’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, mom!