Na-neun hangug-eul sarang-haeyo

Video belongs to tricot05 on YouTube. One of my favorite Korean dramas! I love this show, even though it’s been shown some time back, but the scenes are so moving and so is their acting. I cried throughout the drama. It was THAT touching! This song brings back memories. ^_^ I’m not sure if it’s […]


Video belongs to showluo on YouTube. 『再一次心跳』 A new collaboration by 羅志祥 (Show Lo) and 楊丞琳 (Rainie Yang), since their previous drama 海派甜心 (Hi My Sweetheart) in 2010. In this short film, they traveled to Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania for filming. It’s a love story of how two strangers meet during their trip to Australia, […]


The Soul of Bread DVD! ; Movie marathon! The DVD comes with a set of bookmarks of Anthony and Michelle, which you can see in the picture above. The pink is so me. *grins* So, I’ve watched the movie and I have to say, it was HILARIOUS! Their humor really set me off laughing throughout […]

The brothers reunite on SUPERNATURAL Season 6

OH, SWEET NECTAR~! Season 6 is out on DVD! This has been a long but worthwhile wait! Season 5 brought us through to the Apocalypse and the sacrifices they made in order to stop it, and eventually “changed the script”. But they lost Sam in the process, who descended into Hell together with Lucifer and […]

Runway Beat

I blogged about this and the trailer before but I finally got hold of the DVD and completed watching the full movie. And I LIKE it! The plot for one, the cast and for the fashion theme. AND, the movie also has some great inspiring messages! 😉 The plot The movie adapted from the popular […]