In Each Hand A Cutlass album

A Universe Made of Strings Finally got the album! Blown away by the artwork and design here, check out that pop-up! Listen to them or buy their music on their bandcamp page!   Watch them LIVE here : Video by wetcalamari on YouTube. Video by Patrick Joseph Bansale on YouTube. Advertisements

The Analog Girl album launch party!

Tonight You’re Mine by The Analog Girl Late Night at Esplanade 08 November 2012 0930-1045hrs The Esplanade, Singapore Had a spectacular time at The Analog Girl’s album launch at The Esplanade on Thursday night. It was definitely a night to remember. Own a copy of her THE TV IS ON album and I finally got […]

Na na na na NAaaaaa…!!

It’s here! ! They’re here! ! 😀 Check out the stage, lights and people in da house! … FANTASTIC BABY! BIG BANG ALIVE CONCERT IN SINGAPORE! 28 SEPTEMBER 2012 1900-2200HRS SINGAPORE INDOOR STADIUM BOOMSHAKALAKA! “High, high, I’m so high~ High, high, up in the sky~~!” Electrifying performance! They were in town over the weekend for […]

Na-neun hangug-eul sarang-haeyo

Video belongs to tricot05 on YouTube. One of my favorite Korean dramas! I love this show, even though it’s been shown some time back, but the scenes are so moving and so is their acting. I cried throughout the drama. It was THAT touching! This song brings back memories. ^_^ I’m not sure if it’s […]

YELLOWCARD Live in Singapore!

On the corner of Cherry Street! YELLOWCARD LIVE IN SINGAPORE HARD ROCK COLISEUM RESORTS WORLD SENTOSA 15th September 2012 2000-2300HRS We’re looking up at the same night sky… and keep pretending the sun will not rise … OH, you DO NOT know how LONG I have waited for this day! I’ve been anticipating for them […]

DREAMER’S DREAM // Twinkerbell

OMG!   This video is so cute! I love their rock style and fashion sense! The video just has such a psychedelic pop and infectious vibe! It’s Ami and Aya, models for Popsister and Cutie magazine. 😀 And this is their debut song, DREAMER’S DREAM! 😉