Your Happiness Matters Being Happy : The Happiness Seminar 15th September 2012 Saturday, 1430-1730hrs Blue Room, The Arts House Singapore Today’s the day! Pictures from the Being Happy seminar held on Saturday, 15th September 2012 at the Blue Room, The Arts House. It was a pretty crazy day with a few events that were lined […]

Tune in to RickyRichardsTV

Video belongs to RickyRichardstv on YouTube. Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle! Ricky Lee Richards is 23 years old from London, who recently set up his own YouTube channel and posts videos on men’s fashion and lifestyle. He’s half English, a quarter Indian and Spanish. Many say that he resembles Chris Brown. He’s also into tattoos, comics […]

Hystericbynature by Cristina Viseu

Video belongs to hystericbynature on YouTube. EPIC Jewelry by Hysteric Me! Meet Cristina Viseu! Founder of HystericMe jewelry and creator of hystericbynature videos on YouTube! She is one cool and pretty babe from San Francisco, who films and edits her own creative EPIC, legit videos combined with legit music! She has mad photography and editing […]

Adele Cover by TheStrangerSings

  I just had to share this.   I’ve been following his videos for a while and I always knew Robert had a great voice and could sing, but this was the first time I got to hear him sing. And it was definitely worth the wait! I’ve heard other covers of this song before […]

While having onion rings, I …

0541hrs, 01 January 2012 And yes, I just had to tweet this to @hoobadoug. And I almost died! O.M.G. I just got a reply from him saying : “It’s a sign! Mmmm delicious” \(^o^)/ Did I say I almost died? He’s the best! The story goes .. I recall the gig we attended back in […]

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Image was taken from jaytablante It’s Jake Cuenca’s birthday today! Happy Birthday! Jake (Juan Carlos “Jake” Leveriza Cuenca) acts as Lt. David “Dave” M. Garcia, Jr on the Philippine drama series of Tayong Dalawa. They have been showing the re-runs in the afternoons lately, and I’ve been following up on the last few episodes. I […]