Rilakkuma goodies!

Happy Time with Rilakkuma! All items from Kinokuniya. A gorgeous cute and pink wallet from their latest collection with several compartments to stash your paper, plastic and coins. The Stylus Fit pen comes with three 0.7mm ink refills in blue, black and red, and two 0.38mm gel inks in baby pink and orange! The inks are also […]

A mini stationery post!

Pink spell! Pencils, panda eraser and markers in picture no.1 are from Prologue Orchard Central, except for the My Melody pencil, eraser and sticky tape in picture no.5 that is from Kinokuniya. The item in picture no.4 & no.5 is a pencil holder from Prologue as well. I think it’s basically a handy tool that […]

Trendy Hub, 313@Somerset

WONDERSTRUCK! Another stationery post! These I found at this lovely store at 313@Somerset called Trendy Hub! It’s a pink paradise filled with lotsa Hello Kitty items! There you’ll also find Rilakkuma, My Melody, Little Twin Stars stuff like stationery, household items, toiletries, accessories, bags and more! They even have Hello Kitty hangers! So adorable! Every […]

It’s a CHARACTER + DESIGN wonderland~!

Character + Design #03-19 Plaza Singapura Kawaii love! Sweet dreams are made of these …. (^_*) It’s a girl thing. So, I popped by the Character + Design store at PS the other day and found these gorgeous cute items! They’re a gifts and novelty store selling all things cute and Disney and Sanrio and […]

Coleto Collection : Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens

Gone pen crazy again. Spotted these at the stationery section recently and was attracted to the designs. The pen casings come in several designs and colors but I got the pink and purple ones. Each pen casing is able to contain up to 5 ink refills (or cartridge components) and they come in a range […]

Kinokuniya Liang Court Store 12th Anniversary

Kinokuniya Liang Court Store 12th Anniversary 27 – 30th April 2012 It’s been a year since I went to their store for their 11th Anniversary promotions. Though this year I went a little later in the evening and the queue was super LONG! It was the first day of their promotion and a Friday night. […]