Ben & Jerry’s at Dempsey!

Birthday, cake & ice-cream @ Ben & Jerry’s! 100th post! Officially 29. Feels so surreal. Went to Dempsey’s for Ben & Jerry’s on Wednesday for ice-cream and it’s one of my favorite spots. One, for the ambience mainly, it’s warm and cosy, and two, for their ice-cream! With those two added together, you have the […]

Happy Birthday, okasan!

Happy Birthday, okasan! Tanjobi Omedeto! Here’s another DIY project that I just completed, well, this morning. The initial plan was to make a box photo frame which I fitted a photograph of that flower within, but then decided to include this portrait instead, which I made for my mom’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, mom!

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Image was taken from jaytablante It’s Jake Cuenca’s birthday today! Happy Birthday! Jake (Juan Carlos “Jake” Leveriza Cuenca) acts as Lt. David “Dave” M. Garcia, Jr on the Philippine drama series of Tayong Dalawa. They have been showing the re-runs in the afternoons lately, and I’ve been following up on the last few episodes. I […]