Before you know it …

    …… it’ll be over.   Is something I’ve been saying lately. It may sound a little solemn, but it’s more along the lines of, “Is there something coming up ahead that you’re dreading about? Not anticipating or looking forward to? Something that’s gonna make you feel like dragging your feet and prolly just […]

The road less traveled

Sometimes we need to be lost in order to find ourselves. It’s easy to follow the crowd but we may get lost in it. 每个人要走的路都不一样 可是走自己的路 才会活得精彩 选择自己要走的路 虽然会有很多困难 但是到了终点 回头一看 就不会有遗憾和后悔 去追求自己的梦想 寻找自己的快乐 体验不同的事物 制造更多美好的回忆 勇敢地面对每一天,未来和自己的人生 Everyone has their own different path to take But to walk your own path Is what makes your […]